About Us

We Are One Of The Fastest GrowingCertified Minority-Owned, Small Businesses Operating In Indianapolis.

Who are Gov 6 Corp?

We are a minority-owned, small business operating in Indianapolis, Indiana. We provide IT Equipment, office supplies, Industrial Products, and support solutions for all customers including federal, state, local government, and commercial customers. We are a steady growing small business with committed staff dedicated to ensure our customers receive the right products at the right price and at a timely manner. We are excited about the prospects for our company's continued growth and can't wait to share our innovations and success!

Vendor Relationships

Gov 6's relationships with OEMs and manufacturers enable us to offer a wide-range of hardware and software products.

Become a Partner

Gov 6's partnerships with today's top companies allow us to supply our customers with cutting edge products at competitive prices.


Gov 6 Corp possesses many certifications that make us a desirable vendor for both government and commercial customers.

Our Motto is "Integrity beyond delivery"